Brokerage Overview

Clients choose CameronButcher Company because of its experienced managers and brokers who work together to represent them as well as their tenants. They also know that the company has built a successful niche in the market as a project-oriented firm. When CameronButcher takes on a listing assignment, the team focuses on that assignment.

Patriot Park Land


Patriot Park
Colorado Springs, CO





  • We are Successful. We attribute much of our market success over the last few years to our Team Approach, which is employed each stage of the process until the job gets done. Work shared reaps benefits shared!

  • We are more than brokers. We have experience in construction, land development, entitlement management, and property management.

  • We are innovative. CameronButcher Company creatively approaches commercial real estate by identifying what the property can be and then selling that vision.

  • We have a proven track record. Client testimonials and company data document our history of solving problems associated with broken projects and turning them around to sell at market prices, rather than discounted rates. View our testimonials.

  • We do "facelifts." Failed and controversial projects often become weighed down by negative publicity and tainted in the eyes of government entities. We create a fresh face for a troubled project, moving it forward positively and credibly, without the old baggage.

  • We build on our experiences. Working on vastly varied projects has increased our knowledge of and practice in the commercial real estate market, so that we bring diverse resources to meet project needs.

  • We are connected. Thanks to our affiliations adn the hard work of team members, we can market properties locally, regionally, and nationally.

  • We network. According to the National Resl Estate investor magazine, our national marketing group, CORE Network, is the 9th largest network in total dollar value of transactions.