Asset Management

Decision-making in regards to real estate, whether improved or vacant land depends on the perceived value; the perception formed in the mind of an individual. Whether a developer, banker, investor or prospective tenant, each person reaches their own conclusion about intrinsic value and acts accordingly.

The focal point is human relationships. The developer has a vision, the banker shares that vision and provides capital; the investor seeks returns based on success. The service we propose is to assist in sorting the visions of all the involved parties by examining the market conditions, entitlements, construction status and esoteric factors (like special districts and water rights) to provide the information necessary for sound decision-making. To accomplish this analysis, we bring a range and depth of experience beyond the specialty of any single service provider.

The core of our team has over sixty (60) years of active real estate experience and diverse backgrounds.

Our plan is to evaluate assets, render a clear and concise analysis of the factors that influence value, and generate a detailed plan outlining a sequence of actions to maximize the value of the proposed property.

Troubled Asset Management

In a time of financial uncertainty, capital chaos if you will, how does one act to preserve and enhance value? When the market is floundering, as de-valuation proceeds, sorting out the appropriate paradigms for decisions can become very difficult.

In one scenario, the property may require an interface with disgruntled tenants, disappointed with the lack of attention they have received from their landlord. In another case, land use entitlements may be in jeopardy without prompt interaction with the governing body. Some municipalities are currently cashing performance bonds on development properties, a situation which doesn't lend itself to future leniency in land use reviews.

We have the direct experience in encounters of troubled asset management, along with a track record of creative resolution in difficult situations. We are able to mend the broken projects and bring them to completion while still maximizing the value of the property.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss our services in greater detail.