The simple solution is often not the best solution. At CameronButcher we are willing to take the long, hard road to achieve the best results.

We have established ourselves as a leading consulting company. This is due to our knowledge of the commercial real estate market, expertise in analyzing property strategies for our clients and our ability to comprehend the “big picture” in our evaluation.

Our work has included bond district analysis and resolution for El Paso County, William R. Hough & Company, and others. At CameronButcher, we always work first and foremost for our clients. Proof of this commitment can be found in the work we did for the Powers-Drennan Bond District Receivership Estate. This long term asset management assignment, completed in April of 2005, involved extensive negotiations and litigation with Colorado Springs and fifteen other property owners. Early in the assignment, we laid out a strategy that became the road map for the receivership estate. When the estate was closed, not only did the Bondholders receive 100 percent of their principal and accrued interest, but the estate also produced almost $1,000,0000 in excess proceeds that was turned over to El Paso County.

We are experienced with consulting in the following areas:

  • Property Management

  • Facility Management

  • Property Maintenance

  • Property Brokerage

  • Bankruptcy Courts

  • Receivership Estates

  • Defaulted Bond Districts

  • Work Government Agencies

  • Project Completion