A Look at CameronButcher Company

During the mid-1990s, Kevin Butcher, a commercial real estate broker, represented individulas, investment groups, and his own partnerships in the purchase and ownership of investment properties. To assist with property oversight, he hired and worked with property management companies, a decision that gave him valuable experience and insights for optimizing property values and expenses associated with property management. With that knowledge, Kevin took his personal management portfolio into his own hands. Sam Cameron joined Kevin and a third partner in 1997 to form a full-service commercial real estate company. In a like-minded commitment to clients adn financial transparency, Sam and Kevin then formed CameronButcher Company in 2004.

A Look at CameronButcher Management

In 2010, the owner of Benson-Price Commercial, Inc., a competing property management firm, was looking to retire from the business. He approached CameronButcher to purchase Benson-Price, because he believed it was in the best interest of his clients. With the purchase of Benson-Price Commercial, Inc. by Helen Cameron and Jean Butcher in the spring of 2010, the CameronButcher Company management portfolio was merged into the Benson-Price Commercial, Inc. portfolio. The company, now operating as CameronButcher Management, manages more than 800,000 square feet of commercial properties, making it one of the larger commercial management firms in Colorado Springs. Despite its size, CameronButcher maintains a unique relationship with each tenant for the benefit of all owners.

Our History and Culture

CameronButcher Company and CameronButcher Management fill a specialized role in the Commercial Real Estate market. Though two separate companies, they work together as a team to best meet the diverse commercial real estate needs of each client. Thanks to our teams' hard work and dedication to client-centered results, both entities have subtly grown into one of the leading commercial real estate services in the Front Range. And now these teams of knowledgeable, talented, and experienced professional managers and brokers are ready to serve you.