Owner's Representative
Construction Manager

Kerry Abernathy

Kerry Abernathy
Owner's Representative Construction Manager

From humble beginnings is a good way to describe Kerry’s career path. His foundation was laid from his early childhood with a single Mom who had a mentality of “never say quit”, and then moving on to the family farm and ranch where hard work, dedication and “whatever it takes” were the normal work ethic traits of a young man. In moving into the college years, Kerry landed in the construction field which became his joy and trait of choice, and he hasn’t turned back since.

Kerry’s early years in the construction industry laid the foundation for “knowing the construction industry” from start to finish, from field to office. Since the start he has moved through the construction field positions of laborer, carpenter, foreman, supervisor and general superintendent. He worked his way through the office operation positions of project manager, senior project manager, general manager, customer account representative and national construction manager for a ten state region. Kerry has a Building Contractor (A-1) license for the state of Colorado. He also holds General Contractor licenses in California, Oklahoma and New Mexico, and has experience building internationally.

Kerry is a project-driven, customer-focused Construction Project Manager with field operations and supervisory experience and has over $400M in completed projects in his construction portfolio. His ability, experience and strength to understand construction needs for the owner, tenant or facility operations teams; from conception to completion, have proven to be a major asset in today’s building industry. He knows how to handle the headaches and heartaches that are normally associated with owner/tenant construction project and has proven to be an asset to the CameronButcher team as an owner's representative construction manager.

In his spare time Kerry enjoys spending his time with his beautiful wife of 32 years, Jennifer, their six children and four grandchildren. He and his wife stay young by performing adventurer racing, riding their motorcycle around the Colorado Rocky Mountains and working with a global nonprofit group as coaches.

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