"The CameronButcher Team went above and beyond their scope of duties to move this deal towards closure. I am convinced without their tireless efforts, sale and closing of the pad site would not have happened. We are grateful for their tenacity."

- Dave Johnson - Senior VP, ABC Bank                            View Full Testimonial

"Over the past 4 years I have worked closely with Mr. Kevin Butcher on the sale and leasing of a number of properties from our Colorado Springs portfolio. Our broker client relationship began with the sale of properties during the worst real estate market in the history of Colorado Springs. The fact that Mr. Butcher was successful in helping us obtain the highest return on our properties during this period is testimony to his commitment and expertise. Kevin’s contacts and marketing creativity provided the catalyst needed to market and sell our portfolio real estate.

I highly recommend Kevin as someone who will bring an aggressive and experienced edge to the marketing, sale and/or purchase of your real estate needs. It is for these reasons that I continue to work with Kevin in the Colorado Springs marketplace."

- Thomas P. Morton

"From the beginning CameronButcher has been a vital part of our success in obtaining and managing The Shops at Voyager. We have personally worked with Sam and Helen Cameron throughout this process. Helen Cameron has successfully leased 100% of the spacing at the shopping center and is a delight to work with. Sam Cameron has great professionalism and wisdom of the real estate market in the Colorado area. He has personally assisted us in major real estate and financial decisions that have led to the center's success. Even the banker from which we have financed the project has commented on their remarkable skills and integrity. He had never seen someone meet the projected 36 month plan much less do so two months earlier. The management team at CameronButcher is also very professional, and we have a wonderful working relationship. They have cut costs in all possible areas and managed the property very efficiently. Any time we need to get in touch with any of the management team or owners of the company, they are always readily available to handle our needs or concerns. As a shopping center owner, we have been 100% completely satisfied in all areas of real estate, leasing and management that has been done through the CameronButcher Company, and we highly recommend them to others."

- Russell & Charlotte Linscombe                                       View Full Testimonial

"I have had the privilege of working with Kerry Abernathy on multiple projects over the last year. As an Architect I have worked with multiple Owner's Representatives and I can say without a doubt that my experience with Kerry has surpassed that of any other Owner's Rep I've encountered.

Kerry is deeply knowledgeable of the construction process from cost estimating, permitting, project management, value engineering, and working with general and subcontractors. His expansive professional experience in the Construction industry has positioned him to be an excellent Owner's Rep."

- Ryan Lloyd

"CameronButcher has been a strong business partner with Compassion for over 15 years. Compassion does not have the business expertise in our day-to-day operations. CameronButcher has helped us navigate significant land and building decisions. In addition, their expertise helped us save tens of millions of dollars and positioned us well to meet our future facility's needs. I know them to be leaders of high integrity who have always put our interests ahead of their own."

- Ed Anderson - CFO, Compassion International            View Full Testimonial

"Kevin is an honest and effective communicator, and supports his recommendations with market and other research. I would highly recommend Kevin for any type of asset management position."                       

- Chuck Brown

"CameronButcher continues to be a vital strategic partner in our business model. We would not have been able to enjoy the success we have seen over the past 10+ years. Their strategic advice, legal and business acumen, and steady-handed guidance helped us survive the recent economic downturn. We have enjoyed occupancy rates of 82% (during the lean years) to our current level of being 100% leased. I cannot recommend their services and partnership highly enough."

- Patrick Dow, Nicky Cruz Outreach                                   View Full Testimonial

"It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Mr. Butcher to represent your Real Estate services. All my dealings with Mr. Butcher have always been upfront and professional in every manner. He has the experience and dedication it takes to handle all aspects of a real estate transaction. The single best attribute that Kevin posses is that of integrity. As a Real Estate broker and investor myself, I believe this a quality that is hard to find in this business. I am confident in Mr. Butcher’s ability to provide a well-rounded service to your organization."

- Kevin Rothschild

"I have worked with Kevin Butcher since 1989 in the area of commercial real estate. Kevin has assisted me in the purchase, sale, trading and leasing of a variety of properties. He brings an extremely high level of professionalism, integrity, knowledge and creativity to bear on any endeavor he is working on.

Whether the other party has been an individual, an institution or a branch of government Kevin has shown the ability and patience to guide the transaction through problems related to complex legal and title issues while keeping parties focused on the goal of completing the transaction.

I would strongly recommend the services of Mr. Butcher to any interested party."

- Steve H. MacCurry

"Kevin Butcher and Sam Cameron both worked with us for more than a year finding the perfect piece of property to fit our needs and our budget. They went way above and beyond in helping us. They demonstrated a unique combination of generosity, market savvy, and objective analysis.

It is always a refreshing surprise to find an organization that operates with such high integrity. I appreciate that Kevin and Sam were continually available to us as each need presented itself. It was and will continue to be a pleasure to work with such fine men."

- Nicky Cruz, Nicky Cruz Outreach