Address: 418 S. Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Property Type: Multi-Family & Retail
Square Footage: 36,691 Square Feet
Lot Size: 19,000 Square Feet
Year of Construction: 2020

CameronButcher and its partners saw the opportunity to meet the growing demand for downtown living and worked together to develop Casa Mundi, a 27-unit apartment complex with first floor retail space on the west side of S. Tejon Street. A CameronButcher partnership owned a vacant lot in south downtown and paired up with the developer of Blue Dot Place to turn the vacant lot into downtown apartments with retail space, creating a place where people live, connect and belong. Located in the New South End of downtown, the Casa Mundi project is in the center of all the new construction on Tejon Street. This development is expected to be complete in Spring of 2020.