Las Piedras Office Campus

The nonprofit organization Nicky Cruz Outreach was looking for a real estate investment that would create a long-term revenue stream to support them. CameronButcher was hired to evaluate the development of an office complex as a potential real estate investment for the organization. Nicky Cruz Outreach liked the proposal and used CameronButcher to assist with procurement of the site. Furthermore, CameronButcher was also responsible for the entitlement process, site development, construction oversight, leasing and property management.

CameronButcher sold the vision of the entire project during the construction of the first speculative building. Upon completing the construction and leasing the first building, construction began on the final two buildings. They were able to find tenants for majority of the office space prior to completing the construction. All three buildings were fully leased, totaling 75,000 square feet of office space.

More recently, when the market started to pick up Nicky Cruz Outreach saw the opportunity to sell off some of their investment. Nicky Cruz Outreach came to CameronButcher wanting to sell a parcel of land and two of the three office buildings that were built. They wanted to keep one of the office buildings for their headquarters. CameronButcher was very successful and were able to sell the parcel of land to a housing developer who is in the construction phase of building single family homes. They sold one of the office buildings to ReMax, a local real estate company looking to expand in northern Colorado Springs. They sold the second building to International Students Inc. (ISI) a nonprofit company looking to move their headquarters. With the sale of the land and office buildings, CameronButcher helped Nicky Cruz Outreach form an association for the campus and manages the association to make sure that the campus is in good shape for all the owners.