• We are successful. We attribute much of our market success over the last few years to our team approach, employed in each stage of the process until the job gets done. Work shared reaps shared benefits.
  • We are more than brokers. We have experience in land development, construction, entitlement management, property management, community management and more.
  • We are innovative. CameronButcher Company creatively approaches commercial real estate by visualizing the potential of each property and then marketing that vision.
  • We have a proven track record. Client testimonials and company history document our problem-solving mindset; rather than sell broken properties at discounted rates, our team loves to turn properties around to successfully sell at market prices.
  • We do “facelifts.” Failed and controversial projects often become weighed down by negative publicity and tainted in the eyes of government entities. We create a fresh face for a troubled project, credibly moving it forward to new possibilities.
  • We build on our experiences. Working on vastly diverse projects has exponentially increased our knowledge of the commercial real estate market, equipping us with the resources to meet diverse projects with confidence and wisdom.
  • We are connected. Thanks to our wide-spread network of partnerships and affiliations as well as the hard work of our team, we effectively market properties locally, regionally and nationally.

Why CameronButcher Management

  • We foster trust. At CameronButcher Management, we believe that trust is the most important part of every relationship.
  • We value tenant relations. Our philosophy is simple: happy tenants are better tenants. Good tenant relations are incredibly important to us; we realize that satisfied tenants are the ones that consistently pay rent and expand, creating a win for both the landlord and the tenant. We are attentive to tenants’ needs and respond to their concerns immediately making sure that the tenant’s experience is relaxed peaceful enjoyment of their space with reliable and reachable property manager.
  • We fill vacancies. We take pride in finding the best tenants possible for our owners, and work diligently to keep them satisfied. We harness a wide network of brokers and local connections in order to fill vacancies quickly.
  • We have experience. There is a combined total of over 60 years of field experience represented on our team, people who are passionate about their commitment to “raise the bar” in property management. Our team is well trained in retail, office, industrial, medical, and Associations. In addition, our team has an unrivaled network of qualified and vetted vendors who can quickly and easily deal with any issue that may arise.
  • We are committed to a very strong work ethic. CameronButcher Management’s dedication and customized level of detail allow us to manage properties efficiently and effectively; serving the best interest of the owner.
  • We believe in preventative maintenance programs. We supervise, develop, and implement preventative maintenance programs to preserve the longevity and value of the assets we manage. We monitor all monthly maintenance costs to ensure that the money is spent wisely and the budget is kept under control.
  • We handle property emergencies. CameronButcher Management can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services. We take the burden off the property ownership so they can rest peacefully.